Friday, 11 April 2014

Evaulation part 7-Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Looking back I feel our final cut of the title sequence went really well considering the reviews of our first cut. I feel in our final cut the whole group was confident in our idea and knew what we needed to portray to our audience in order to keep them engaged with it whereas in our first attempt the story was confusing and no one really knew what was happening, including us, but once we had sat down and discussed our idea with a teacher, this only happened as we had struggled with showing our idea from the start, they lead us to clips on YouTube showing roughly what we wanted to be showing, this lead us to scraping everything we had originally created and starting fresh which could have been risky considering how little time we had left on the project but we managed to pull it off getting overall good reviews on our final cut with only minor complaints such as they didn't like the font or the music was to loud which were both easily fixed.  

Evaulation part 6- what have you learnt about technologies from your media project

We used a DSLR camera to film everything in our title sequence, even the photos that were taken, although we used two different cameras for each with my Nikon being used to take the photos as mine had an manual focus option Ben's for the filming but this didn't have a manual focus only working on auto focus meaning we had to be careful with our film otherwise it could have lost focus on what we wanted rendering the film useless and waste time on re-shots.  

Although we did not use a dolly or Steadicam our group may have benefited form the use of one as they would have been easier to move around with minimal shaking, we instead improvised attaching the camera to the top of a tripod and carrying it by the handle this did reduce shaking but not as much as I feel a dolly or Steadicam would have.

We used Final cut pro as our editing software for our video and Logic pro to create the music both of which I had used before but only for basic drag and drop, I had never added text to a film during it before so that was a new process for me, and I had only used Logic pro once before so I wasn't 100% sure on how it worked.  

Evaluation part 5 How do you attract your auidence.

Our audience was Males of age 15-23 we attempted to attract them with a sense of mystery by keeping as much hidden about the characters as possible such as the reasons our main character is following the drug dealer and the promise of action we hoped this would keep them engaged and will lead them to continue to watch on in order to find out what happens.
Our title "Twist of Fate" was designed to intrigue people in to watching making them wonder what the twist could be.         

Evaulation part 4- who would be your auidence

Evaluation part 3- Who would distrabute our media project.

Using research of films in the similar genre, Green Street Hooligans, Trainspotting, and Bullet Boy we came to the  conclusion that our film would be distributed by a small time independent company rather than a big Hollywood production.
Our film will be viewed mostly on T.V or internet viewing platforms with minimum amount of people viewing in the cinema or buying DVD

Our most likely option is Film4 with funding by the BFI as we are going to be small British production by an unknown producer with a chance for minimal profits meaning a low chance of a big Hollywood company funding our production as they would want big profits,something we can't promise.

Evaluation part 2-How our project represents certain groups

Our title sequence shows the groups of Drug dealers and Drug takers with our main character being the only exception.Our film also represents

Our film represents drug dealers as skinny pale people who often hide there faces, they wear things such as hooded jackets and jeans, they try to remain hidden spending a lot of time in alley ways and closed off rooms, selling to successful looking people(as they are the ones that can afford the drugs).

We represent the people who are buying the drugs as successful looking although you can only see hands in the title sequence you can see that they are wearing blazers, suits or smart looking jackets they are predominantly male, they are wearing dark-ish clothing showing that it's going to be a dark themed film.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Evaluation part 1-In what ways does your media project use, develop or change, codes and conventions of chsen genre

Typical codes and conventions of a crime/drama film would be:
- A chase (usually car).
- A lot of involvement with props that can be harmful such as knifes or guns.
- The villain (protagonist) would usually have some unidentified problems that will be revealed at the very end of the film.
- The hero (protagonist) who saves everyone will have a partner (usually very intelligent or very dopey).
- Characters will usually include someone vulnerable and gangs.
- Crimes will usually be murder/dramas will usually be to do with family of the protagonist.
- Conflicts due to difference in policing.
- Someone’s private life becoming public.
- Betrayal.
Our story idea Conforms with most of these although we challenge conventions such as the protagonist having a partner making him work alone to achieve his goal, our title sequence doesn't feature any weapons such as knifes or guns but we had plan for use of them in the full story.
Our story does feature a chase of sorts as the story is a man attempting to chase down another man taking justice into his own hands.